Warm season grasses are like planting a 5 to 8 year old clear–cut.  It will provide bedding and nesting areas and a place that the deer can go without being stressed.  It will go along with the management scheme of any property.

How you go about planting this grass is how well it will grow.  I recommend spraying these areas before planting.  Then drill it in with a no – till drill at a rate of 5 to 8 pounds per acre. It is crucial that you don’t bury the seed.  No more than a one – eighth of an inch deep. The other option, if we’re planting only Switchgrass, spray the area to be planted, then till the area, and then broadcasting the seed at the same rate as above and then cultipack – (DO NOT DISC THE SEED IN).

Planting dates on warm season grass is around May thru early July (depending were you live), if you decide to plant in the spring and December thru January for the fall planting.  The ground temperature has to be around 50 degrees for the fall planting so the seed won’t germinate and get damaged because of frost.