Drumming Log Wildlife Management and wildlife consultanting is here to educate and provide assistance to you in managing the wildlife on your property. We pride ourselves with knowledge of the latest trends in deer and wildlife management. At Drumming Log, we don’t want to be just a management company or deer consultant; we want to be educators as well. If you choose Drumming Log as your wildlife consulting company, you will receive honesty, dedication, and experience.

QDMA Deer Manager of the Year

QDMA’s 2009 Deer Manager of the Year

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

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What Do You Do?

It’s, let’s say, mid - November.  You have been in the stand since noon and the sun is quickly setting.  Your phone vibrates and you check it.  It’s another picture text of a shooter down with your buddy holding it.  It’s the 5th…
Drumming Log Wildlife Management

Uh, Where’s All The Deer?

Whether it was taught at an early age on the playground at school or it’s just human nature in general, we are sure to pass blame when things don’t go our way.  One would think since we are adults, this behavior would stop and we would…
Timber Management

Habitat And Timber Management

Q:   Should I manage my woodlot for the benefit of the deer, or should I try to do what is best from a timber standpoint? A:   Yes.   Q:   Huh? A:   There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. There are management techniques…

Drumming Log Wildlife Management loves to educate hunters and land owners on any and all topics involving Quality Deer Management. Contact us today to set up an engagement for your Field Day or QDM Co-op.


Erich Long is a true land steward; one who loves habitat and the life that it houses more than really anyone that I know. But what he lives for even more than that is to share his knowledge with those around him. We have spent hours upon hours on the phone together, talking about everything from clients’ consult maps to ragweed to big goals. He truly feeds off of others’ eagerness to learn more about enhancing the quality of wildlife and its home.

Ben HarshyneHunterra Founder

Erich long is the consummate deer manager. His skills as a manager, his passion for conservation, and his experience as an educator blend together to create not just a consultant,  but someone who cares about your success as a land and deer steward. His ability to communicate his wealth of knowledge on deer habitat, biology, physiology is truly separates him from the others in his field. Erich lives and breathes the deer management lifestyle, and I can think of no one else I’d rather lean on in my journey as a deer steward.

Cody AltizerFilmmaker, Writer, Conservationist

“It is exciting to have an expert, like Erich Long, look at my property. Then analyze the property to maximize its full potential. Now I am seeing results like I only dreamed of or only saw on an outdoor program.”

Daniel SandersOhio Landowner