The October Lull


October just might be the most beautiful month of the year. The nights are cool, the days are often crisp and clear, and the leaves are starting to change color as the days shorten. It is the most comfortable time (at least for me; I don’t like to be cold at all) to be on a treestand. Yet I hardly hunt at all during the middle of the month. Because the simple fact is that the bucks move very, very little during daylight hours during the tenth month of the year. Read more

Christmas In September

Deer Hunting

Hunters everywhere are preparing for the upcoming deer season; working on shooting form and accuracy, hanging stands, and checking equipment. The level of anticipation ratchets up with every sighting or trail camera picture of a shooter buck.

We have a photo of one buck in particular that I would sure like to meet up with at some point during the season. The possibility of encounters with animals like him is what gets us hunters so excited as we count down the days. Read more

Uses For Switchgrass As A Land Manager

Creating Deer Bedding Areas

Switchgrass and other native warm season grasses offer deer managers a variety of different uses. The key to the success of a stand of warm season grasses is dependent upon having a plan from the start.

The main purpose for many land managers that plant switchgrass is to provide bedding cover. In areas of the midwest where agriculture is abundant, switchgrass provides cover that can be lacking on many farms. It can be planted thick as a solid monoculture to maximize the amount of cover on a farm or thinner to allow beneficial weeds in the stand. Doing so, provides food that equals cover which is the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to benefit game birds and turkeys as well as deer, then the native grasses should be planted thin enough that there is room at ground level for them to get through. The final result of what you plant simply relies upon your goals for your farm. Read more


What Have We Become?


Have you ever taken the time to stop for a second and just looked around at your surroundings?  I mean really take in who you truly are and how you got to this place in your life.  Let me ask you this, how many of you, this year, got in your treestand or crawled into your groundblind and it just hit you? The thought of what the heck are you doing?  For those who are honest, you can vouch that it’s an empty feeling of emotions.  You look at all the new gear that you just had to have and all the money that was wasted.  You look at your new camo and realize the only reason you bought it is because it was trending, and for some reason you think people will judge you if you wore the other brand.  We all have experienced that feeling of emptiness at one point and if you haven’t, you will in due time. Read more

Continuing Education

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting theory and strategies vary widely from one hunter to the next, and over a lifetime of hunting everyone develops their own unique way of doing things. Following is a summary of things learned over the last twenty years spent hanging around in trees and sitting in blinds in hopes of encountering Mr. Big. Some are obviously important, and others may seem trivial. But, as all veteran bowhunters have learned the hard way, it’s often the little things that make all the difference. And the learning never stops. Or at least it shouldn’t. I hope you enjoy these observations and find something to apply to your own hunting situation. Read more