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Deer Hunting

Deer hunting theory and strategies vary widely from one hunter to the next, and over a lifetime of hunting everyone develops their own unique way of doing things. Following is a summary of things learned over the last twenty years spent hanging around in trees and sitting in blinds in hopes of encountering Mr. Big. Some are obviously important, and others may seem trivial. But, as all veteran bowhunters have learned the hard way, it’s often the little things that make all the difference. And the learning never stops. Or at least it shouldn’t. I hope you enjoy these observations and find something to apply to your own hunting situation. Read more

Why Do You Practice Quality Deer Management

Quality Deer Management

They say we all have a story.  If this is true, what’s yours?  Have you ever thought to yourself why you do all this, why do you practice this philosophy called QDM?  What would your answer be? What is it about this practice of sound wildlife management that grabs us and doesn’t seem to let go?  Why do we put ourselves through this?  We  buy equipment that we can’t afford, and when we want to use it, something is either broken, or better yet, how many bloody knuckles do we have to go through trying to hook up a simple PTO shaft before we say, enough is enough.  Then we have these things called expectations that we set on ourselves that are usually out of reach do to our financial situation.  Bills are usually left piling up during planting season, just so we can finally plant that expensive magic bean we heard so much about. Then there is something that is worth more than our financial status will ever be, and that is time.  Thoughts of managing our land is what gets us through our rough work week and then, finally, the weekend comes. And just when you thought you were going to go plow, your spouse has other plans that are not so silly sounding.  Time is a tough one to deal with, because every time we choose to do something we are saying no to something else. Too many of our children’s sports events have been missed do to QDM, and you’ll never forget that look in your child’s eye when they come home and your wife tells you that you missed his game winning goal. Read more

The Time Is Now

Hinge Cutting

As I go through in my thoughts of winters past, I don’t ever recall a winter like this one. As a child, winter was everything, but as an adult, with a body aging, I find winters are getting tougher to get through, mentally and physically.

As I look outside, all I see is cold and white, with the appearance of never letting go, I can’t help but to ask myself, did I do enough as a manager to get my deer through this weather event. The answer to that question, if I’m honest, is I hope so. Read more

Planning For Success


The month of February is a good time to sit back and reflect on the past deer season. Analyzing the things that worked for us-and also the things that didn’t turn out so well-can help us as we plan our strategy for  future seasons. If we killed a good buck, we can try to figure out why that particular setup worked. We can ask what the deer was doing there, and also why he was there at that particular time. This allows us to make intelligent decisions as we look for additional spots that hold the potential for producing similar results. Read more

Hunting vs. Killing


Several years ago I wrote a book on deer hunting and included a chapter on hunting preserves and the effect they have on hunting. I expressed my opinions strongly and in no uncertain terms, and as a result caught some heat. I really didn’t mind, as I enjoy a good discussion. And some of the justifications that people come up with for pen ‘hunting’ are really quite amusing. Read more