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QDM Co-ops

QDM Co-ops What do you think to be the most limiting factor that seems to be dragging you down when it comes to harvesting the buck of a lifetime?  Is it the whole crazy concept of the food plot?  No one would argue with you on that because first off, what in the world do […]

Fall Food Plots

Fall Food Plots So you just got the piece of property of your life and I’m sure your mind is running in a thousand different directions of what you need to do to prep for the upcoming season.  You have tree stands or ground blinds that need ordered and placed, then you have cameras that […]

Is Quality Deer Management Becoming A Competition?

Is Quality Deer Management Becoming A Competition? The definition of QDM, as explained by the Quality Deer Management Association, is; “a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and managers in a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds within existing environmental, social, and legal constraints. This approach typically involves the protection of […]

Stand Site Selection

Stand Site Selection When deciding where to hang treestands, what is the most important thing to look for? The area with the most sign? Where you have observed the highest volume of deer traffic? The densest cover you can find? Maybe. All of these are possibly good spots, assuming they also feature the most important […]