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Hunting Plot-Checking Bucks

Given the choice of any two days, and two days only, on which to hunt whitetails, neither of my selections would be in November. At one time I would have scoffed at the notion of the best days not falling within the eleventh month. But we have tweaked our hunting style a bit in recent […]

Are We Doing More Harm Than Good?

Isn’t it intriguing how a philosophy like QDM can change an entire hunting culture?  Now, the practice of QDM is far from a majority way of hunting, but I believe no one can argue that this idea of healthier, bigger deer is quickly becoming the future of deer hunting. With this growing trend, some of […]

What Do You Do?

It’s, let’s say, mid – November.  You have been in the stand since noon and the sun is quickly setting.  Your phone vibrates and you check it.  It’s another picture text of a shooter down with your buddy holding it.  It’s the 5th one this month from someone you know that has connected.  The frustration […]

Uh, Where’s All The Deer?

Whether it was taught at an early age on the playground at school or it’s just human nature in general, we are sure to pass blame when things don’t go our way.  One would think since we are adults, this behavior would stop and we would be mature enough to realize that sometimes the mistakes […]

Habitat And Timber Management

Q:   Should I manage my woodlot for the benefit of the deer, or should I try to do what is best from a timber standpoint? A:   Yes.   Q:   Huh? A:   There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. There are management techniques that benefit both. In fact, in […]