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Continuing Education

Deer hunting theory and strategies vary widely from one hunter to the next, and over a lifetime of hunting everyone develops their own unique way of doing things. Following is a summary of things learned over the last twenty years spent hanging around in trees and sitting in blinds in hopes of encountering Mr. Big. […]

The Time Is Now

As I go through in my thoughts of winters past, I don’t ever recall a winter like this one. As a child, winter was everything, but as an adult, with a body aging, I find winters are getting tougher to get through, mentally and physically. As I look outside, all I see is cold and […]

Planning For Success

The month of February is a good time to sit back and reflect on the past deer season. Analyzing the things that worked for us-and also the things that didn’t turn out so well-can help us as we plan our strategy for  future seasons. If we killed a good buck, we can try to figure […]

Hunting vs. Killing

Several years ago I wrote a book on deer hunting and included a chapter on hunting preserves and the effect they have on hunting. I expressed my opinions strongly and in no uncertain terms, and as a result caught some heat. I really didn’t mind, as I enjoy a good discussion. And some of the […]