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The October Lull

October just might be the most beautiful month of the year. The nights are cool, the days are often crisp and clear, and the leaves are starting to change color as the days shorten. It is the most comfortable time (at least for me; I don’t like to be cold at all) to be on […]

Not So Easy

Aldo Leopold defined game management as the act of making land produce sustained annual crops of wild game for recreational use. Sounds simple enough right? As with everything that pertains to our daily lives, we tend to be happy, upbeat, and even a little boastful when things go our way. But, when things go the […]

Christmas In September

Hunters everywhere are preparing for the upcoming deer season; working on shooting form and accuracy, hanging stands, and checking equipment. The level of anticipation ratchets up with every sighting or trail camera picture of a shooter buck. We have a photo of one buck in particular that I would sure like to meet up with […]

Uses For Switchgrass As A Land Manager

Switchgrass and other native warm season grasses offer deer managers a variety of different uses. The key to the success of a stand of warm season grasses is dependent upon having a plan from the start. The main purpose for many land managers that plant switchgrass is to provide bedding cover. In areas of the […]