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Drumming Log Wildlife Management and wildlife consultant is here to educate and provide assistance to you in managing the wildlife on your property. We pride ourselves with knowledge of the latest trends in deer and wildlife management. At Drumming Log, we don’t want to be just a management company or deer consultant; we want to be educators as well. If you choose Drumming Log as your wildlife consulting company, you will receive honesty, dedication, and experience.

Do you have an existing QDM Co-op or are you looking to start one? Drumming Log Wildlife Management loves to educate hunters and land owners on any and all topics involving Quality Deer Management. Contact us today to set up an engagement for your Field Day or QDM Co-op.

Wildlife Management Seminars

The Time Is Now

Chainsaws As I go through in my thoughts of winters past, I don’t ever recall a winter like this one. As a child, winter was everything, but as an adult, with a body aging, I find winters are getting tougher to get through, mentally and physically. As I look outside, all I see is cold and white, with the appearance of never letting go,
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Planning For Success

The month of February is a good time to sit back and reflect on the past deer season. Analyzing the things that worked for us-and also the things that didn’t turn out so well-can help us as we plan our strategy for  future seasons. If we killed a good buck, we can try to figure out why that particular setup worked. We can ask
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Hunting vs. Killing

Several years ago I wrote a book on deer hunting and included a chapter on hunting preserves and the effect they have on hunting. I expressed my opinions strongly and in no uncertain terms, and as a result caught some heat. I really didn’t mind, as I enjoy a good discussion. And some of the justifications that people come up with for pen ‘hunting’
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